Amanda Holden’s parents’ evening blunder

Weaning baby Hollie leaves Amanda red faced in front of teachers


As if weaning your baby isn’t a difficult enough (all that mashing!), poor Amanda Holden faced her eldest daughter Lexi’s teachers with puree on her eyebrow.


The mum of two tweeted, “Just done parents/teacher meeting with pureed sweet potato stuck to my eyebrow! #god I’m glamorous!”

Amanda, who had a dramatic labour with baby Hollie in January, added, “weaning Hollie and been squishing up veggies all afternoon!”

But Amanda needn’t worry. Not only have most of us done far, far worse, but she’s already trumped herself. Taking the bait of a Simon Cowell joke earlier this year, Amanda congratulated a woman on being pregnant, rather prematurely! Oh well, at least Amanda knows she’s looking super gorgeous in that yoghurt advert!


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