American teenager puts toddler up for sale on eBay

Two year old listed as ‘kid for sale’ prompts police calls


A 19-year-old teenage girl from Michigan, America, could be facing police charges after putting her toddler cousin up for sale on bidding website, eBay, while babysitting her.


Autumn Braden was looking after the 2-year-old girl when she posted the ‘Kid for Sale’ listing, which Autumn says was nothing but a joke.

‘An adorable child for sale, can clean and hold a decent conversation. Very loveable but I just out grew her,’ the eBay posting said.

Police did not see the funny side, and received more than half a dozen calls, including one from a man who put a tongue-in-cheek bid for the toddler, that was accepted.

“Basically all I was trying to do is see how eBay worked. I had a picture of my cousin so I just put it up there. It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously,” Autumn told her local paper Grand Rapid Press.

Police believe Autumn may have been trying to scam money and have forwarded a report to prosecutors with possible charges, said the Daily Mail.

The toddler is reported to be back with her 23-year-old mum.

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