Angelina Jolie criticised for tricking her son while dressed as a man

Angelina Jolie could have made her son feel insecure, claims Australian psychologist


Angelina Jolie has come under criticism from a Australian psychologist.


Angelina invited her son Maddox, 9, to the set of her new movie Salt and fooled him into believing she was a man that was just working with his mum!

“I invited him to come say ‘hi’ to me and I didn’t tell him who it was,” mum of six Angelina told Mandrake.

“So he came down, he shook my hand and he hung out with me for a while and then I said ‘Mad?’ and he went ‘Aaaaagh! Muuum!’ and he totally freaked out.”

Australian psychologist Dr Dorothy Rowe has taken exception to Angelina’s actions.

“In fooling her son in this way, she made a fool of him in public and this will make him feel betrayed, make him feel no longer in control, and break down the relationship of trust he has with his mother,” Dr Dorothy told Mandrake.

“Mothers play specific roles in their children’s lives, as fathers do, and, in forming a bond with her son as a man, and then unmasking herself as his mother, it throws his compass out entirely. It is the sort of thing that makes for a very insecure young man,” added Dr Dorothy.


In other Jolie-Pitt news, Angelina recently revealed that she and Brad Pitt are trying to raise twins Knox and Vivienne as bi-lingual by enrolling them in French classes at the age of 2. “We want them to learn French and speak French because of our heritage,” Angelina explained.


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