Angelina Jolie – is her super mum role just an act?

Celeb mum-of-six allegedly ignores her children behind closed doors and isn't as affectionate as Brad Pitt, according to scathing magazine 'source'


Although Angelina Jolie paints the picture of an idyllic yet busy Jolie-Pitt family life, according to In Touch Weekly magazine, it’s a different scene behind closed doors.


Despite Angelina recently talking about her plans for her ‘rainbow family’ to trek in the Sahara, reports that the Jolie-Pitt clan recently took over a bowling alley and love dressing-up days out, the magazine rumours say things are different when the cameras aren’t around.

“She’s preoccupied; she doesn’t have a lot of time for her kids,” an unamed ‘insider’ has claimed. “She’s doting in public but cold, impatient and less than affectionate with her children behind closed doors,” the source continued.

The source even went as far as saying Angelina lets her nanny deal with her children’s problems. “During a game of war with her brothers, Shiloh fell down and got bruised. Angelina let a nanny handle it,” revealed the insider. “Angelina’s parenting just isn’t as warm and fuzzy as Brad’s.”

With six young children, we can imagine it’s hard to spend equal amounts of time with all children, or even at once, plus Ange doesn’t have eyes at the back of her head! And as these rumours have surfaced in a gossip magazine with an unnamed insider behind them, we’ll let you make your mind up as to how real they could be!

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