Angelina Jolie’s children join her in latest Disney movie

Pax and Zahara cast alongside mum and sister Vivenne in fairytale film Maleficent


It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Jolie-Pitt clan as two more of Angelina and Brad’s children follow in their footsteps.


Wanting to take a bite from the acting apple, Pax, 8, and Zahara, 7, are to star alongside mum Angelina and sister Vivienne, 4, in Disney’s latest movie ‘Maleficent.’

The ambitious pair will appear in the film’s christening scene where Princess Aurora is cursed, but won’t have speaking roles.   

“They have smaller parts,” a source told US Weekly.

“Shiloh was supposed to be in it too, but she was bored and not in the mood during the day her part was supposed to happen, so she ended up not being in the film.”

Pax and Zahara will be joining 4-year-old Vivienne on set, who was cast back in August to play the younger version of Princess Aurora in the fairytale.

The film, a remake of children’s classic ‘Sleeping Beauty’ but told from the perspective of the princess’ evil nemesis, played by Angelina, is certainly becoming a family affair!

The ‘Tomb Raider’ actress recently revealed she’s unhappy with her children’s choice in music and has banned them from Google to stop them reading unwanted media hype.

We wonder what roles the Jolie-Pitt children will play next!

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