It’s that time of year again, and we are thrilled to announce that the MadeForMums Awards 2024 are now open!


Building on the fantastic success of the 2023 MadeForMums Awards, we will once again recognise and reward the very best products, brands and services currently available in the parenting industry in the UK.

As the number one website the in the UK for professional parenting reviews, we take our recommendations and product advice very seriously. A huge teams of experts, parents (and their children) are ready to join the MadeForMums team to thoroughly test products and award them with those coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Here is the full list of the categories for 2024, along with their basic judging criteria.



Newborn pram/pushchair
Travel system package
Double buggy
Compact-fold pushchair
Lightweight stroller
All terrain/sports pushchair
Pushchair & transport accessory
Kids’ wagon or trolley

More like this

Car seats

Infant car seat (up to 15 months)
Toddler car seat
Child car seat
Multi-stage car seat

Carriers, slings and wraps

Baby carrier
Back, hiking & toddler carrier

Sleep and nursery

Baby cot/cotbed
Bedside/co-sleeper crib
Moses basket & newborn crib
Baby & child mattress and bedding
Baby & child sleeptime product
Swaddle & sleeping bag
Baby monitor
Baby & child sleep aid
Nursery accessory
Baby bouncer/rocker & swing
Nursery/toy storage – NEW FOR 2024

Breast and bottlefeeding

Electric/battery breast pump
Manual breast pump & milk collecting product
Wearable electric/battery breast pump
Breastfeeding product
Breastfeeding top/cover
Baby bottle
Bottlefeeding accessory
Breast pads
Nipple cream/balm


Baby and kids food

Baby food/pouch
Organic baby food
Baby & toddler snack
Toddler & child food

Mealtime products

Highchair/booster seat
Weaning & feeding product
Mealtime set
Single plate or bowl – NEW FOR 2024


Bathtime and skincare

Baby bathtime product or accessory
Baby & child skincare product
Baby & child body wash / soap
Baby & child bubble bath – NEW FOR 2024
Baby & child shampoo/hair care product
Baby & child toiletries brand

Health & Wellbeing

Soother & dummy
Health/wellbeing product for babies & children
Health/wellbeing product for parents & parents-to-be
New mum skincare & toiletries
Reusable absorbency and period products
Pregnancy test

Nappies, Changing & Bottoms

Newborn/Infant nappy - sizes 1 or 2
Baby nappy - sizes 3 or 4
Toddler nappy - sizes 5 or 6
Pants style nappy
Reusable nappy
Wet wipes
Biodegradable/eco-friendly wet wipes
Biodegradable/eco-friendly disposable nappy
Changing bag
Changing mat
Nappy changing accessory
Potty & toilet training product

Pregnancy products

Pregnancy fashion/active wear
Pregnancy skincare & toiletries
Stretchmark cream/oil/lotion
Maternity/nursing bra
Pregnancy/nursing pillow
Pregnancy/birth product & service


Products for parents

New parent product & service
Parenting book – NEW FOR 2024
Parenting app – NEW FOR 2024
Pick-me-up/treat for parents
Books, gifts and subscriptions
Baby and toddler book
Baby shower gift/newborn keepsake
Subscription box or service
Best personalised product – NEW FOR 2024

Family travel products

Family travel/holiday product
Travel cot

Children's Fashion

Baby & children's clothing range
Baby & children's swimwear
Children's outdoor clothing/active wear
Children's shoe
Sleepsuits & pyjamas

Home & Household

Family cleaning product
Family laundry product
Home safety product


Special Awards

Sustainable/eco-friendly product for babies
Sustainable/eco-friendly product for families
Multi-stage/longlife parenting product
Game-changer parenting product
Time-saving parenting product – NEW FOR 2024
Cost-saving parenting product – NEW FOR 2024
Everyday parenting essential
Innovation of the year
Technology product for babies and families
Parenting brand of the year


Category changes

We believe we have the most comprehensive parenting awards in the UK, so we have quite a few categories. Sometimes this can lead to a product being placed in one category when it would be better placed in another. If you're unsure which category to choose, do let us know.

On some occasions we will move entries into more appropriate categories, or change category names. We always do this with the aim of giving entries the best chance when shortlisting and judging. We also reserve the right to add extra judging criteria to any category to ensure the products are judged comprehensively and fairly.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to let entrants know about the category move before the results are announced.

Product samples

For ALL entries we will request 3 samples of each product, apart from a few smaller products (such as nappies, wipes and food) where we will require 4 samples. Please note:

  • Your product cannot be considered for judging if requested samples are not sent by the judging deadline
  • We're unable to refund entry fees if you're unable to deliver the samples by the required time
  • We're unable to return samples after judging

Enter your product, brand or service into the MadeForMums Awards 2024

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Gemma Cartwright
Gemma CartwrightGroup Digital Editor

Gemma has two decades of experience in digital content. She is mum to a preschooler, and aunt to 4 children under 4. She is particularly passionate about sleep (for babies and parents) and loves testing out gadgets, technology and innovation in the parenting world.