The MadeForMums Awards 2024 are now complete, but if you're interested in entering in future, here we answer some of the most popular questions regarding the awards, to help you craft the perfect entry.

  1. How do I know which category to enter?
    Have a look at the categories page. There may be several categories that suit the product you wish to enter. You may enter your product in more than 1 category. If you only want to enter 1 category, please pick the one that seems the most appropriate. But don't worry too much, if we think a product is in the wrong category and will do better elsewhere, we can move it at any point.
  2. I can’t decide which category to enter. Can I talk to someone on the MadeForMums Awards team?
    Yes, of course! We’re more than happy to discuss which category is right for your product. Please feel free to email us at
  3. How many categories can I enter in the MadeForMums Awards?
    You can enter as many categories as you like and you can enter the same product into more than 1 category.
  4. How much does it cost to enter the awards?
    The fee for 2024 was £250 (plus VAT) per entry: this fee was frozen from 2023. If you make 3 entries, you will receive your 4th entry for free. PLUS, you'll get a 10% discount off your 5th entry, and a 20% discount off your 10th entry.
  5. How do I pay for my entries?
    All entries must be paid for online, using our secure online payment form. Please note that payment is non-refundable, even if you later have to withdraw from the Awards. We accept Maestro, Mastercard, Switch, Visa, Delta, Connect, Visa Debit or Visa Electron only. We’re afraid we cannot accept cheques. Please note that entries will not be considered until full payment has been made. If you have issues with this payment method, please get in touch at
  6. When is the closing date for entries?
    Entries closed on Friday 17th November 2023 at 11.59pm. This is the final deadline and entries will not be extended any further after this date except in extreme circumstances.
  7. My product isn’t on sale yet. Can I still enter it?
    All products entered into the MadeForMums Awards 2024 must be available to purchase in the UK on or before 1 March 2024. However, you must also able to supply your products to our head office and to home testers for judging in December / January. If we don't receive samples during this time, we can't progress your entry.
  8. How many products will I be required to send?
    For most entries, you will be required to send 3 samples of each product – 2 will be sent to home testers, 1 to the MFM office. For a small number of categories (eg nappies, wipes and food) we may request 4 products.
  9. When do I need to send in my products for judging?
    You will be contacted in mid-December with details of addresses to send your products to. Your products will need to arrive by Friday 12 January 2024 for judging and home testing. We're afraid that your product cannot be considered for judging and will have to be removed from the Awards process if requested samples are not received by the deadline.
  10. I’m having problems using the online entry form. Who should I contact?
    Please contact the MadeForMums Awards Team at
  11. Will my samples be returned after judging?
    No, we are not able to return any samples. Please note, after judging is completed we may use MFM office samples to create further editorial content, such as additional home testing and competitions.
  12. How will the awards be judged?
    Our teams of industry experts, parenting influencers, at-home parent testers and the MadeForMums Editorial team will judge all products, either at home or during our judging days.
  13. Will I be told if my product is shortlisted?
    Yes. We will announce a shortlist at the end of February 2024 and you will be sent a Shortlisted logo, which you can use on social media until the Awards winners are revealed in late March 2024.
  14. What happens if I win?
    If you are judged to be a winner in the MadeForMums Awards 2024, you will be given exclusive rights to the MadeForMums Awards 2024 accredited logo, which can be used for a range of marketing and packaging activity for 12 months. All winners will also be featured in showcase editorial content on and this content will be supported by social media and newsletter promotion. For a full list of benefits, see the ‘Why enter?’ page.
  15. When will I find out if I’ve won?
    We will contact winners in late March 2024. There may be a short media embargo on this information. We will inform you of this and tell you the embargo date so that you know when you can share the good news.
  16. Can I get feedback about my entry?
    Yes, we are able to supply feedback on request.
  17. My question isn’t listed here. Who can I ask about it?
    For all other enquiries, please contact the MadeForMums Awards Team:
  18. How do I become a home tester?
    If you're interested in becoming a home tester for the 2024 awards please follow us on Instagram for news. We will make announcements there as soon as we are ready to recruit our 204 testers.

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