Antibiotics linked to asthma in children

Giving babies antibiotics doubles the chances they will suffer from asthma by their 7th birthday, research has revealed.


The study, published in the journal Chest, looked at the medical histories of 13,116 children from birth to age 7.


Two-thirds were given an antibiotic before their 1st birthday.

Researchers found they were far more likely to have asthma than those not given the drugs – and the more courses of antibiotics they were given, the greater the chances.

When the scientists excluded those given antibiotics for breathing problems – who might be expected to have a higher chance of developing asthma – the connection appeared even stronger.


Asthma in 7 year olds was nearly twice as likely in children given an antibiotic for a nonrespiratory tract infection than in children who had been given no antibiotics at all.

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