Asthma link to cleaning products

Asthma caused by exposure to household sprays and chemicals may be preventable


Cleaning sprays and common household chemicals such as disinfectants, bleach and stain removers have been blamed for a rise in cases of asthma. Experts in Barcelona have found a link between breathing in bleach and disinfectants more than once a week and a 20% rise on asthma or wheezing.


“Our research shows cleaning-related asthma is a public health issue and is potentially preventable,” said Dr Jan Paul Zock who conducted the study.  He also called for more studies into exposure to cleaning products in the home.

Asthma is particularly common and dangerous in children with 1.5 million suffering from the condition. The results from this study may help develop the means to prevent those cases in babies and children that are caused by exposure to cleaning products in the home.

In the meantime Dr Elaine Vickers of Asthma UK advises, “Open windows when cleaning, use products sparingly and use natural alternatives if possible.”


More information is available about asthma in children and babies here.

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