Here at MFM, we do love a good emoji but when we’re messaging friends or writing about pregnancy and motherhood on the site, we can never seem to find the right ones.


Where are the symbols for our pregnancy symptoms? For the baby scan? For, well, actually giving birth to and then raising a baby?

Even a halfway nice emoji woman with a baby bump would be good!

So, you can imagine how happy we were when we discovered ‘EmojiMom’, an app you can download to your iPhone which sticks loads of mum, baby and pregnancy-related into your emoji keyboard.

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Now you can send your fellow pregnant friend a ‘BRB going to vomit’ message with matching ‘nauseous woman’ emoji whenever that green-around-the-gills moment strikes.

You could even choose to let everyone you know in the world in on the progress of your bump with a 'how many weeks?' emoji, which includes a fruit illustration representing the size of your baby.

Never again will mums across the globe feel misrepresented by the carefree ‘dancing girl’ emoji, the creepy ‘smiling baby’ emoji or those funny one that depict a peculiarly chilled out family.

They’re replaced with, shall we say, more realistic options: a crying baby, a child peeing everywhere, a mum chasing after a toddler...

There are even mums breastfeeding, expressing, losing sleep and heading back to work. One of our personal faves is the mum covered in vomit and laundry: kinda sums up our life!

According to the app's website, there are over 250 pregnancy and parenting milestones to choose from. And (as if we couldn't guess), they were created by 3 mums, all of whom have little ones. They so get it.

It's not free, mind. EmojiMom does cost $1.99... and doesn’t seem to be available for Android yet. You can get it on the Apple app store, though.

Do you think this is a great idea – or are you happy with the current options? Are you even fussed about emojis at all?

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Images: Twitter / EmojiMom, EmojiMom via Huffington Post

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