Australian doctor wants baby formula banned

It should only be available on prescription in a bid to encourage breastfeeding, says Dr. Jennifer James


Whether you think ‘breast is best’ or formula feeding is better for you is a personal decision. However, Australian doctor Jennifer James believes that mums shouldn’t have the choice and wants baby formula banned from supermarkets, reports ABC News.


The doctor has caused outrage amongst mums after stating that by making baby formula being available on prescription only, it will encourage mums who are having problems breastfeeding to seek professional help.

“Artificial formulas have to meet food safety standards, but they are at best basic nutrition. They don’t provide anywhere near what a mother’s own breast milk can provide,” Dr. Jennifer James has said.

However, despite the angry backlash at her comments, Dr Jennifer believes that having baby formula on prescription only would benefit mums rather than judge their decision. “The woman can go through her breastfeeding problems and set up a plan of action to help her achieve her goal or successfully breastfeeding her baby,” says the pro-breastfeeding doctor.


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