Average age of mums still getting older

Not only are women having children at an older age, they’re also having fewer kids too


The average age for women to become mums has risen to a record high, according to a new study from the Centre for Population Change at the University of Southampton.


The average childbearing age of mums-to-be now stands at 29.3 years, the oldest since records began in 1938.

It’s believed that women are having children at an older age now as they focus on their careers.


“With education opportunities being much better now for women, many are going in to higher level professions and become higher status and therefore have to be careful about when they leave the workforce to have a child,” said Anastasia de Waal, director of family and education for think tank Civitas.
Anastasia added that there was also a strong economic link, as both partners are often required to work and the cost of having a family is much larger than it was in previous generations.

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