Average Parent Problems we can all relate to

'When somebody pooped in the tub' and other hilarious things children do - that mums and dads have to deal with


Kids make you laugh every day. Whether they’re scrawling on the sofa, pooping in the bath or pulling all the tissues out of the box – if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.


And now a new Instagram account called ‘Average Parent Problems’ is collecting pictures of these funny moments from parents everywhere and turning them into memes that everyone can relate to. The account is run by Ilana Wiles of parenting blog Mommy Shorts – as an antidote to the ‘ideal parent’ stereotypes you often see on social media.

Instagram is full of picture perfect moms dressing their kids in adorable clothes in their flawlessly decorated houses eating healthy homemade snacks,” Ilana told The Huffington Post.

“Average Parent Problems is an Instagram account for the rest of us. The parents who can’t find the matching hair barrettes, make frozen waffles for breakfast every morning and don’t have time to clean the playroom.”

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Photos: Instagram / Average Parent Problems

Just your average bath time


White is never a good choice


Shopping can be hard


What is it with toddlers and tissues?


Smile please!

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