Baby boy born in Russia weighing close to 16lb!

The giant Russian newborn tips the scales at 7.2kg


We thought 13lb 15oz baby boy Harry Crossland was a big bundle of joy last year, but it looks like a baby boy in Russia has topped this record – weighing almost 16lb!


The Russian newborn was born last week in Khabarovski weighing an eye wateringly 7.2kg (15lb 13oz), according to SiFy news. The baby’s 33-year-old mum is said to have given birth naturally and is doing fine.

The news of the big baby has shocked the small town, where the average baby weighs 3kg to 3.5kg with the chances of a big baby being one in 1,500.


However, the giant Russian newborn still has a way to go to catch up with 19lb baby born last year in Indonesia!


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