An American mum defied the odds and doctor’s advice by giving birth to a healthy son after carrying him outside her womb.


Doctors warned Nicollete Soto, 27, that carrying to full term would risk both her and her unborn baby’s life, after the embryo attached itself to the delicate area where the fallopian tube meets the uterus, known as a corneal or interstitial pregnancy.

Yet baby Azelan Cruz Perfecto was delivered by Caesarian section at 32 weeks, weighing just 2lb 14oz.

“We took a risk. We left it for doctors to decide when to deliver the baby and God to decide everything else,” said baby Azelan’s dad, Victor Perfecto.

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A British mum-of-one, Paula Rivett, 38, also gave birth to her second baby against the odds, even though she had her womb lining removed.

After suffering from endometriosis, Paula had her womb lining removed to stop her painful periods, even though it quashed her hopes of having another baby.

But baby Lennon survived after attaching himself to muscle in his mum’s womb. He was born by caesarean section, where doctors also performed a hysterectomy on Paula after her womb and placenta collapsed.

“People keep calling him a miracle baby, especially everyone in hospital who heard about him,” said Paula, also mum to 1-year-old Harrison.

The third amazing birth was to a black couple from Loughborough who stunned doctors by having a white son. Baby Daniel, 11 weeks, was born with white skin and a shock of blonde hair.

“My first thought was ‘Wow, is he really mine?’ I was stunned and could see the doctors looking at each other thinking the baby couldn’t be mine. I knew he was. I have been with my wife for three years and there was never a question of infidelity, but seeing his white skin was a surprise to say the least,” said dad Frances.

Parents Frances and Arlette Tshibangu already have a son, Seth, 2, whose features reflect his African parentage.

It is thought that even though baby Daniel has a slight genetic mutation, he is not an albino.

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