Baby not allowed into club with breastfeeding mum

Mum is a cellist who was performing at a private member's club and had to breastfeed her baby outside


A new mum had to leave her 11-week-old baby outside in a car with a babysitter, after the club where she was performing refused to let her baby in.


Classical musician Katherine Jenkinson, 34, was booked to play cello at a private member’s club in central London with her chamber group. She’s still exclusively breastfeeding her 11-week-old daughter, Olivia, and so asked the club if her babysitter could care for her baby in her dressing room while she played.

The club refused, saying that they had to follow a by-law that bans anyone under the age of 12 entering the club, according to The Telegraph

Katherine’s babysitter then had to sit in the car outside with Olivia, and Katherine popped out to feed her during an interval in the performance. 

“I’d already arranged a second babysitter to be at home with my 4-year-old son as I’m fully aware that it is often inappropriate to take children to such events,” she said. “Does this really apply to a breastfed 11-week-old babe in arms?”

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