Baby shower trend reaches the UK

Two thirds of British mums-to-be are organising baby shower parties – and admit they do it for the baby gifts!


Despite baby showers being an American tradition, it looks like UK mums-to-be are getting in on the party action, with more and more pregnant women planning theirs – and with high expectations.


Of the 3,000 women polled by gift company Carte Blanche, four out of 10 admitted that the main reason they wanted to throw a baby shower was for the free baby gifts they’d receive from friends and family. Using it as the perfect excuse to stock up on baby essentials before the birth, the majority of mums-to-be also revealed that they expected to be treated to £150 worth of presents, or more!

However, despite the pregnant ladies being spoilt with their gifts of nursery equipment, baby clothes and cuddly toys, nine out of 10 revealed that they were appreciative of their friends and families’ generosity.

“Often mums-to-be feel guilty throwing parties where people are expected to turn up with armfuls of presents. People go a bit mad while buying presents for a new baby – it’s a simple fact that everyone loves buying for babies!” a spokesperson said.

Many mums-to-be also admitted that the party would be good time to exchange tips and advice, with 52% wanting to pick the brains of those who already have children. However, 44% revealed that they just wanted to kick back, relax and eat lots cake with their loved ones!


Did you have a baby shower?


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