Baby sling death a sad safety reminder for parents

Suffocation tragedy in Australia highlights need for parents to pay attention to safety when it comes to baby slings


A 2-day-old baby boy has died from suffocation while being carried by his mum in a baby sling. The tragedy happened in South Australia and has led experts to call for more awareness on the safety instructions on for this type of baby carrier.


“I think the most important thing is that parents and carers using baby slings are made aware of the potential risks,” said Helen Noblet, from Kidsafe South Australia. “I’d like to see all products come with clear, specific instructions for use with diagrams on how they should and shouldn’t be used, and to make it clear what the potential risks are.”

This isn’t the first time sling safety has been in the headlines. Last year, we reported on a baby sling safety update in light of a US alert. We’ve also put together an illustrated guide on how to use a baby sling safely.

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