Baby surgery getting safer

'Baby-sized' keyhole equipment means a quicker recovery time for babies


Tailor-made keyhole surgical equipment is making certain operations safer for babies, reports the BBC.


Instead of open surgery, The Royal London Hospital can offer keyhole surgery because of the special baby equipment it has. It is one of the few hospitals able to do so.

“Keyhole techniques have transformed many areas of surgery in recent years. While conventional keyhole instruments can be used with adults and most children, for very young infants under the age of one, they are simply too big,” said paediatric consultant surgeon Niall Jones, a gastrointestinal specialist at The Royal London Hospital.

Traditional open surgery requires a larger cut, is more invasive, and tissue is being pulled and pushed. Keyhole surgery means less trauma, a quicker recovery, and less pain relief is required.


Surgeon Niall also treats newborn babies with the equipment, for conditions like gastroesophageal reflux disease and congenital abnormalities.

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