Baby’s health for life determined from conception

Most important time of a baby's life is the first 1,000 days - counted from conception - new research suggests


The first 1,000 days of a child’s life are the most important for their long-term health, research has suggested. This period starts from conception, with the 1,000 days including the nine month’s your baby is in the womb right up until they’re 2 years old, and can affect your child’s health permanently.


The first 1,000 days can affect a child’s chances of developing diabetes, future life expectancy and even whether or not they could have a heart attack in old age. Professor David Barker and his colleagues at Southampton University have developed this theory after decades of research.

Professor David believes many health problems can be traced right back to poor growth in the womb. Research has shown that the lighter a baby is at birth, the higher its odds of heart disease in later life, reports the Daily Mail.

The key to children’s health in later years is to ensure you eat well throughout your pregnancy, without drinking or smoking.

“It is about building a body that the baby can live off. The baby lives off the mother’s body – not what she snacks on during pregnancy. What we are seeing is a window of opportunity where we can make better people,” Professor David said.

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