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Band member of X Factor’s Miss Dynamix is 5 months pregnant

Sese Foster’s baby is due in January – just a few weeks after the live finals

Sese Foster, member of girl band Miss Dynamix, told X Factor bosses that she is five months pregnant.


Gary Barlow mentors the 22-year-old, who is due at the end of January.

She told the Mirror: “He was over the moon. He talked to me about his children and said any advice I need he’s there for me.

“I found out I was pregnant at about three and a half months and I’m now at the 22 week stage.

“The dad, who is looking after my daughter, was thrilled.

"My new bandmates have been brilliant, they have been so supportive and really positive. They’re already playing the auntie roles perfectly feeding me up and making sure I eat healthily.

“I feel doubly blessed. I’ve got really exciting times ahead with the girls in the band and finding out about the baby has been like the cherry on the cake. 2014 will be a year to remember.”

X Factor producers are said to be organising Miss Dynamix’s schedule so that Sese will get a chance to rest during the week so she isn’t tired for the live shows on Saturday nights. They are planning to have extra medical staff at the studio.

A representative of the show said: “We’re delighted to hear Sese’s news. She’s being well looked after and her rehearsals are being scheduled carefully to ensure she has plenty of time to rest.”



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