Barbie’s next career? A Computer Engineer!

Who says geeks can’t wear pink? Barbie moves into IT for her 125th job role


With a career ranging from an astronaut, paratrooper and even a McDonald’s cashier, you’d think that Ken’s arm candy girlfriend would be ready to hang up her heels and take it easy at the grand old age of 50. Not this gal. The hard working doll has now taken up another job role – as a computer engineer!


Adding to her impressive CV, the iconic Mattel blonde put her next occupation to an online vote and surprisingly it’s not a glamour model or pop star that the 500,000 youngsters who voted want their idol to be next, but a serious career woman in IT.

Known for her glossy mane and penchant for all things pink, don’t expect Babs to go all geek chic on us. The tech support doll, which was unveiled at the New York Toy Fair last week, keeps her signature girlie look with a splash of computer gadget accessories for her 125th career move.

Wearing (on-trend) embellished leggings, binary coded tunic and candy hued trimmed waistcoat, she teams it with a pair of hot pink (what else?) specs, Bluetooth headpiece and laptop – her tech-savvy getup is anything but dull. However, gone are the stilettos and in are a new pair of sensible shoes, well, a pair of wedged heels to be specific. You can take a girl out of Barbieland, but you can’t take her out of her heels!

Designed with the help of The Society of Women Engineers, it’s hoped the glam IT doll will inspire young girls to be more career driven. “ As a computer engineer, Barbie will show girls that women can design products that have an important and positive impact on people’s everyday lives,” President of the SWE, Nori Lin has said.


In this much more serious occupation, will Barbie cut it as a computer fixing, pink wearing engineer?

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