Beauty pageant mum forces daughters to compete against each other

Mum forces her daughters aged 5 and 7 to compete against each other in beauty contests despite it making them cry


A mum has been making her young daughters compete against each other in beauty pageants since they were 2. Mum Keetra Barnes from Georgia, USA, has entered her girls Kylie, 7, and Karley, 5, in nearly 70 contests, making them compete in the same category each time.


Competing against her sister has left little Kylie in tears. However, mum Keetra insists the competing is what’s best for her daughters.

“Some people might say it’s cruel to make them compete each other, but I think it’s good for them. It toughens them up and drives them to be better,” said Keetra.

Stay-at-home mum Keetra, who spends thousands of pounds each year on the pageant shows, admits that the constant competing causes the little sisters to row.

“I tell them competing against each other is their chance to see who is best. It can cause fights. Karley goads Kylie saying ‘I’m going to win’ or ‘I always beat you’ and Kylie lashes out,” said Keetra.

“Sometimes Kylie cries after losing to her sister. But she’s more disappointed in herself than anything else. I tell her maybe next time she’ll be Supreme Queen,” Keetra added.

Kylie and Karlet compete in local pageants up to four times each month and have won many prizes along the way, which means even more fighting.

“A couple of years ago Karley won an MP3 player and Kylie was very jealous. I made Karley share her headphones so they would stop fighting,” Keetra explained.

“I know not everyone sees it that way – but I really think I’m doing something positive for my girls,” said Keetra.

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