Benedict Cumberbatch chooses a c-c-corker of a name for his son!

The Sherlock star has had us on tenterhooks over the little boy's moniker - and it's a bit of a mouthful


We’re used to celebs bestowing less than, shall we say, obvious names on their off-spring, so it’s good to see that Benedict and his wife Sophie Hunter have taken the ‘meaningful’ route rather than the ‘unique’ with their little boy’s name. But given that it’s 2015 not 1975, there is undeniably something of the vintage about it. Ready?


Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch.

OK, so it’s a good solid name that can grow with the baby: Chris, Chrissy, Christoph. But it is a mouthful to say the least, right? And while we all went to school with a Christopher back in the day, we don’t tend to spot them chewing wooden ark animals down at the playgroup or commandeering the toddler slide in the park quite so often these days.

Of course, we never expected the seemingly very grown up Benedict and Sophie to go the Buzz, Moon Unit or Prince route, but let’s be fair, we’d have all put a few quid on George, Edward, Charles or William ahead of Christopher, wouldn’t we?

It actually was the name of the character Benedict played the TV adaptation of Parade’s End, so perhaps that was the inspiration (though if his TV roles were considered, Sherlock would have just been SO cool). Carlton, meanwhile, is apparently something of a family tradition, with both Benedict, his dad Timothy and his grandad having it as their middle name. 

Benedict and Sophie celebrated little CCC’s birth on June 1 at the swanky Portland Hospital, just four months after marrying in a romantic St Valentine’s Day ceremony. 

So what do you think about their choice of name? All those C sounds are at least going to make it a pleasing one for Christopher Cartlon to get to grips with learning. Although the Cumberbatch bit might prove a bit more tricky…

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