10 of the best baby milestone recorder cards, blankets and books

You want to capture every moment in your baby's life, and these milestone books, apps and charts can help...


From that first smile to their first step, these are the moments you think you’ll never forget. And you won’t. But, as your child grows up and asks questions about those important milestones you may not remember exactly when they happened. 


Let’s face it, between changing your baby’s nappies, feeding and dressing them for the umpteenth time, those all-important milestones roll in,

So, to make sure you’ll always have a reminder of those precious moments, here are some lovely ways to record them. And, if you haven’t got time to write a journal, why not try an app or some beautifully illustrated cards to jot them down.

Here are 10 of the best baby milestone recorders…


1. Mamas & Papas Record Book, £14.25

A classic keepsake, this Mamas & Papas record book is an ideal place to capture all your baby memories and milestones.

With pages featuring cute animations, and space for you to write down those precious moments you want you and your child to remember, there’s also room for photos, thoughts and emotions. Included are envelopes for keepsakes; maybe a lock of hair or their hospital wristband – and a family tree page.

There is something special about a personally handwritten journal, and with 76 pages to fill, there’s plenty of room. 

Available from: Mamas & Papas


2. Personalised Baby Age Botanical Blanket Set, £20

This sweet blanket records ages from 1 day to 12 years… though you might have a hard time lying your pre-teen on a blanket for the perfect Instagram shot ?

This one, instead, is ideal for tracking your baby’s growth. Even better? You can add your child’s name to the blanket. Sweet ?

Available from: Not On The High Street


3. Sophie La Girafe Cards, £10

Why not add a cute card from Sophie La Girafe to your baby snaps to record those notable moments?

The set contains 24 photo cards in a lovely presentation box, including baby’s first smile, when they rolled over, said ‘Mum’ for the first time and many more breakthrough moments, it’s a unique way to remember your baby’s first year. 

The cards are illustrated in the unique Parisian style associated with Sophie, and printed on FSC certified paper using eco-friendly bio inks. 

Available from: Debenhams, Ocado (for £12.99) and JoJo Maman Bebe


4. Personalised Floral Swaddle Blanket & Milestone Cards, £30

Baby milestone blankets are all the rage right now, because they help you take pics you’ll cherish forever – even just on your carpet or bedspread.

This floral design from My 1st Years is really sweet, and works well as a blanket on its own (it’s 100% cotton muslin). Add the pretty yellow, green and purple milestone cards (which go from 1 day to 1 year) and it’s photoshoot time.

Unfortunately, it says ‘isn’t she lovely’ which you can’t change to ‘he’ – but you can personalise the name (up to 9 characters).

We reckon this makes a really lovely baby shower gift for someone expecting a girl – as it might be a bit too much of a ‘treat’ price for parents-to-be with long shopping lists! 

Available from: My 1st Years


5. Milestone Baby Blocks, £19

A lovely way to document your baby’s growth and milestones, not only do they include the days, weeks and months, but also an extra block that helps tell the story.

Maybe it’s the first time they’ve played on their tummy, a special outfit they’ve worn for a wedding, or when they started moving. You choose!

Includes four blocks, and makes an ideal gift for yourself or other future parents-to-be…

Available from: Kidly


6. Grow Monkey Bag Of Love, £42.99

This little kit won Bronze at our MadeForMums Awards 2018, and is something everyone can get involved with – parents, grandparents, even great grandparents.

It comes complete with five large canvas envelopes – each one containing pre-printed cards so members of the family can hand write special stories, give advice and make fun predictions for your child’s future. There’s one for every year of the the first five years of their lives.

Including trivia questions and space in the envelopes to include photos and keepsakes, all that’s left is to write your child’s name on the wooden heart tag, and the date they should open it. Why not save it for their 18th? 

Available from: Grow Monkey


7. Guess How Much I Love You Baby Book, £10.99

Yes, it’s a classic baby journal, but it’s also inspired by the much-loved children’s book – Guess How Much I Love You.

Starting before your baby is even born, there’s plenty of space to include firsts, favourites and footprints against a backdrop of beautiful illustrations from the story book. 

A revamped edition of this classic baby book, it’s a lovely reminder for you and your child to treasure forever.

Available from: Boots and Book Depository


8. Memories Of Growing Up Talltape, £13.50

These portable children’s height charts mean you can record your little one’s milestone growth moments without the worry of having to leave precious memories behind if you move home.

The 2m tape can simply roll up and be taken with you, plus it has been cleverly designed so that it can be used horizontally for marking your baby’s height from day one, then hung on the wall when they are old enough to stand.

In 10 gorgeous designs created by emerging British artists, it’s just 10cm wide so can fit in tight spaces, and comes with its own marking pen.

Available from: Memories of Growing Up, and Amazon.


9. Aspinal Of London Deluxe Baby Book in Ivory Pebble, £95

The ultimate gift for an expectant mum or dad, this stunning hand-bound leather journal contains pages o pages of cream card, waiting for you to record your little one’s most precious moments.

We’ve also noted the journal contains some really elegant and colourful illustrations, so you’re guaranteed to want to keep this diary neat, and tidy, forever!

Obviously, the price means it’s pure luxury, but you’ll only ever want to buy one, and you will keep it forever. Also available in pink or blue, and for an extra cost, you can add the child’s name.

Available from: Aspinal Of London


10. My Life As A Baby First Year Calendar, £10.99

Hang up this adorable Woodland Friends wall calendar and as soon as your baby rolls over, has their first bath or gets their first tooth – pick up your pen and make a quick note on the calendar.

Even simpler, peel off one of the handy stickers that says it for you. Just make sure you hang it somewhere you’ll see it everyday, and you’ll never forget.

Each month has a page to insert a photo of your baby with convenient fill-in spaces, 77 colourful stickers and cute woodland animal themes throughout.

Available from: Amazon

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