Best children and parenting books for May 2013

May is a very busy month for children’s publishing – it’s just bursting with great new books and favourite authors. Here's our pick of the top titles


6 months+ That’s Not My Meerkat

That’s Not My Meerkat is the latest title in the massively successful series by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells. Introduce your child to these cute creatures in this brightly coloured, multi-textured, touch-and-feel book. There’s lots to look out for and flaps to lift – and don’t forget to try and spot the little mouse who’s hiding on every page. Great for little hands for some after lunch reading!


Published by Usborne Books, 1st May, priced £5.99


12 months+ Mouse’s Sock Tree

Mouse’s Sock Tree is the latest title in the Little Poppets series, which follows the adventures of four loveable friends. One morning Mouse wakes up to find socks growing on the tree outside his window. He can’t wait to tell his friends about his new Sock Tree. But on the other side of the fence Mole isn’t happy – he’s wondering where all his washing has gone! The stories are lovingly brought to life by popular children’s author Paula Metcalf and Susan Mitchell, who began sewing the Little Poppet creatures to pass the time in the evening.

Published by Campbell Books, available, priced £4.99


2+ I Spy

I Spy in the Jungle by Joanne Partis, offers a colourful look at the creatures that live in the jungle. Toddlers will love helping the animals to spot their friends and the well-hidden flaps should keep them busy for a while. The rhyming text is packed with alliteration which makes for a fun, interactive read. And don’t forget to watch out for the surprise on the final page.

Published by Caterpillar Books, 6th May, priced £5.99


3+ Lucy Ladybird

Lucy Ladybird by Sharon King-Chai is a poignant debut about wanting to fit in. Lucy longs to be like the other ladybirds but she has no spots, so she turns to her ‘non-ladybird friends’ for comfort. This is a gentle story about sharing and friendship, perfect for those days when things haven’t gone your child’s way. It is beautifully illustrated and there is a surprise to round-off this warm-hearted tale. Lucy also has her very own website,, which features games, colouring-in pages and wallpapers.

Published by Templar, 1st May, priced £6.99


5+ A Day with the Animal Builders

Sharon Rentta’s A Day with the Animal Builders is the jolly follow-up to A Day with the Animal Firefighters and a Day with the Animal Doctors. The penguins are having a luxury new home built and the construction team are hard at work. But for new recruit Donkey, the day couldn’t be going much worse. The amusing and detailed illustrations will keep children amused for hours and there is a lot to share when reading together. Perfect for a lingering bedtime!

Published by Scholastic, 2nd May, priced £6.99


The Contented Pregnancy

Gina Ford is one author most mothers will have an opinion on. But love her or hate her, her books are big sellers and you will no doubt see this on display in many bookshops. In The Contented Pregnancy, Ford focuses on the mum and how best to cope with pregnancy. With the help of consultant obstetrician Dr Charlotte Chaliha, this book aims to provide mums-to-be with the practical, reassuring and down-to-earth advice they need for a calm and contented pregnancy. It all includes everything you would expect –preparing your body and home through to labour and pain relief – all delivered with Ford’s clear, authoritative tone.

Published by Vermilion, 2nd May, priced £8.70


Father to Daughter: Life Lessons on Raising a Girl

Father to Daughter: Life Lessons on Raising a Girl by Harry H Harrison Jr is a sweet little guide for all those men who find themselves with a baby girl on their lap and a world full of pink. This witty book is full of quips and tips, such as, show her how to climb up and down trees, play with her – she won’t break, and remember she’s never too young to start thinking about saving! And finally, there is a guide on how to cope when you are no longer the only man in her life. This would make a great gift for any dad – and remember, Father’s Day is coming up.


Published by Workman, 1st May, priced £5.39

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