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As soon as your baby's first tooth pokes through, it's time to start brushing. We've researched and found the toothbrushes to give your baby's teeth the best start...


Your baby’s first tooth has arrived! Not only an exciting discovery, but an important milestone in their development. It’s also the perfect time to establish a good brushing routine. Your baby’s tooth enamel is thinner than yours, making it more susceptible to bacteria and decay. Milk contains sugar, so you need to clean their teeth regularly. The earlier the better.


With young babies, you can start them off with a chewable brush. These very early toothbrushes clean teeth, massage and soothe teething gums, and means babies get used to having their teeth brushed.

Or you may decide to go straight on to what we recognise as a standard toothbrush. It’s best to invest in a small-headed one with soft bristles. Just a small smear of children’s toothpaste will be enough. With fun characters, vibrant colours and novelty shapes – there’s plenty to choose from.

Start straightaway with a regular routine (morning and night) and your little one will know what to expect. Play games of ‘roaring like a lion’ or singing songs to make it more fun, and hopefully they’ll develop good habits early on.

These are 10 of the best toothbrushes and where to buy them…


1. Baby Buddy baby’s first toothbrush, £4.99

Age suitable from: 4 months +

It’s here – that first tooth. It almost makes the weeks of teething worth it – almost!

And there’s no time like the present to get started with your baby’s oral hygiene routine. Seems a little early? Not so with Baby Buddy baby’s first toothbrush  Suitable to use from 4 months old, it’s innovative shape allows children to hold the handle and chew down on to the brush – intuitively.

As your little one chews away, the Baby Buddy massages tender gums and gently cleans any teeth that are poking their way through.

Easy to carry around, this clever little brush is 100% silicone, BPA, lead and pthalate-free and can be chilled in the freezer if your baby needs a little extra help with their sore gums.

You can buy the Baby Buddy Baby’s first toothbrush from Amazon


2. Brush-baby chewable toothbrush, £4.99

Age suitable from: 10 months to 3 years

Similar to the Baby Buddy first toothbrush, the Brush-baby toothbrush is also chewable. But, this one is only suitable from 10 months.

An award-winning silicone brush that doesn’t splay, unlike normal bristle toothbrushes, it cleans teeth and gently soothes gums as your baby has a good chomp. It’s up to you whether you use toothpaste, but if you do, ensure it’s a fluoride-free one. Babies do not need fluoride until they are two years old.

Designed to fit your baby’s mouth, there’s no problem reaching the molar teeth, and if you cool it in the fridge and dab it with some teething gel, it’s great for sore gums too.

Dishwasher and Sterilizer safe, BPA & Phthalate Free – this is one hard-working little brush.

You can buy the brush-baby chewable brush at brush-baby, Boots and Mothercare


3. Baby Banana Teething Toothbrush for Infants, £7.99

Age suitable from: 10 months to 3 years

Want to make brushing your baby’s teeth as fun as possible? Enter the Baby Banana Teething Toothbrush.

Invented by a Mum-hygienist, the fun banana shape and its soft texture (100% medical grade silicone) surely make this the perfect introduction to brushing. The wide banana peel handles and the fact that it’s so flexible means even babies as young as 3 months old can hold it.

The Banana Brush is a great teether for tender gums, as well as a handy brush for those early teeth. Just pop it in the fridge and it’ll be good to go.

You can buy the Baby Banana Teething toothbrush at iHerb, Amazon and Baby Banana


4. The Brushies Baby And Toddler Toothbrush, £6.99

Age suitable from: 4 weeks to 4 years

The brainchild of a family dentist and a child psychologist, the Brushies baby toothbrush is a fun, finger puppet style brush, that should help brushing more fun.

Dishwasher-safe, BPA, latex, and phthalate-free, the Brushies are made from food-grade silicone and the packaging is recyclable.

It’s worth noting that the toothbrush isn’t bite-proof, so be prepared for possible bite from tiny teeth.

Available from Amazon or Kids Happy House


5. MAM Teach Me Toothbrush Set, £6.49

Age suitable from: 6 months +

If telling your child how to brush their teeth doesn’t work, show them. That’s the premise of the MAM Teach Me Toothbrush Set.

This unique system consists of two brushes – a longer one for the parent to use with their baby, and a smaller one so they can try independent brushing. Short, extra-soft bristles with rounded heads provide optimal brushing without harming a baby’s tender gums and tooth enamel, and the small gap created by the short, pink bristles serves as a guide for how much toothpaste to use. There’s also a protective shield on the bigger one so the toothbrush doesn’t reach too far back in their mouths. Looks like MAM really have thought of everything with this set.

Using the little brush, your child can practise doing their teeth on their own. The soft handle is ergonomically shaped, easy to grip and non-slip. Genius.

You can buy the MAM Teach Me Toothbrush Set at Toys R UsAmazon and MAM Baby 


6. Colgate Kids Toothbrush, £1.99

Age suitable from: 4 weeks to 3 years

It’s important that once you start brushing your baby’s new teeth, you are careful with their gums. Extra soft bristles make not only for effective cleaning, but they’re gentle too.

That’s why the Colgate Kids toothbrush, suitable from 6 months, is ideal for those early days, and up until your child is three years old. It is recommended that you change your child’s toothbrush every 3-4 months though, or when the bristles start to fray.

The non-slip handle is designed to fit your hand, and child’s hand, once they’re ready to take the reins.

You can buy the Colgate Kids Toothbrush at Sainsbury’s, Superdrug and Boots


7. Brush Baby BabySonic electronic toothbrush, £8.99

Age suitable from: 18 to 36 months

Thought electric toothbrushes were for older children? Not so…

The BabySonic electronic toothbrush is designed for use from birth to 36 months. With two brushes – a baby one for 0-18 months and a toddler brush from 18-36 months, it’s good value for money – particularly for an electric toothbrush.

This unique little brush has got a tiny head and uses sonic vibrations to brush your baby’s teeth – keeping the noise to a minimum. It’s also got a 2 minute light timer and a 30 second pulse-reminder to help teach good oral care habits from a very early age. This is great as the children get older and become more aware of their brushing routine.

The brush comes with 1 x AAA battery and an extra replacement head, but more replacement heads can be purchased as and when necessary.

You can buy the BabySonic toothbrush from Brush Baby, JoJo Maman Bebe and Boots


8. Radius Totz Extra Soft Toothbrush for ages 18 months+, £2.90 – £5.99

Age suitable from: 18 +

As your baby grows and it’s time to move on to a slightly more grown-up toothbrush, the Radius Totz Extra Soft Toothbrush is a good shout. And it’s all natural.

BPA and FDA approved, the bristles are 100% vegetable-based, the brush is BPA, phthalate and latex-free, and has no synthetic dyes in it. But, that doesn’t make it any less exciting. With cool colours and eye-catching sparkles, it’s a winner with the kids too.

Meant to be used from 18 months old, the smooth oval brush head is perfect for your toddlers sensitive gums and teeth.

Radius is a US-based company, set up by two architects who are sticklers for elegant design, and the Totz toothbrush is one of their best-sellers. We can see why…

You can buy the Radius Totz Extra Soft Toothbrush from iHerb, Amazon and Vitamin Grocer


9. Aquafresh Little Teeth Toothbrush, £2.00

Age suitable from: 3 years to 5 years

Looking after teeth for over 40 years, Aquafresh is a leading brand in oral care, and they certainly know how to keep children happy too.

Once your child reaches their toddler years and wants to practise brushing their own teeth, a fun, engaging toothbrush certainly helps. The Aquafresh Little Teeth toothbrush is made for 3-5 year-old kids. At this stage, a few extras come in very handy – like the gum-friendly flexible neck, the easy-grip handle and a colourful animal clip. Not only do kids love the little character head that fits on top of their brush, it also keeps the brush clean.

You can buy the Aquafresh Little Teeth Toothbrush from Waitrose, Boots and Sainsbury’s


10. Jack N’ Jill Buzzy Brush Electric Musical Toothbrush, £16.00

Age suitable from: 3 years +

If you have a child who really is not keen on having their teeth brushed, why not try something completely different – a musical toothbrush?

The Jack N’ Jill Buzzy Bush Electrical Musical Toothbrush sings songs to instruct you how to use it. And it’s catchy too.

Made for three years and up, it’s the right age to engage them in healthy habits, and you’ll try anything, right? BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, with soft DuPont nylon bristles, it’s a gentle brush. And if the singing gets too much, you’ll be pleased to hear there is a silent mode…

You can buy the Jack N’ Jill Buzzy Electric Musical Toothbrush at Kidly, Bodykind and Planet Organic

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