Emerson, the baby with a fear of nose blowing

Little Emerson just can't stop laughing (and neither can we) - once he's got over his fright, that is! This video went down a storm on YouTube as we all fell in love with his shocked expression, followed by adorable giggles. And all his mum did was blow her nose!


Watch Emeron's video

Nativity angel steals the show...

This recent clip had MFM HQ in stitches, as one angel made sure she stood out from the crowd in her Nativity play. Perhaps not something she's going to appreciate going public with in years to come...

Watch the Nativity angel video

Twin babies' animated discussion in their own secret language

We always suspected twins had a very secret and special connection. This video was watched many, many times at MFM HQ...and not just by the resident twin mum!

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Pregnancy...in two minutes

This amazing clip is inspirational - if you've just found out you're pregnant, get a camera at the ready. In this fab YouTube clip, mum-to-be Genevieve Damascus goes from blue line to baby in just two minutes.

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Flour babies

Uh-oh! Every parent's worst nightmare is caught on film. Mum pops out for a second (she went to the loo) and toddlers Andrew and Jack get to work, covering everything in flour.

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