Not quite the voice of an angel! School nativity play goes viral on YouTube

Shocked Joseph can’t believe his eyes (or ears!) when an angel’s singing overshadows the birth of Jesus…


In most nativity plays, it’s hard to stand out as just another angel. But this little girl is doing a great job distracting everyone’s attention from the baby Jesus.


The boy playing Joseph, who spends more time looking at the angel than his miracle son, is dumbfounded by her sudden disregard of all sense of tune, timing and volume level. Although credit to her – she does seem to know all of the words. Presumably it’d all gone swimmingly in the rehearsal otherwise little Joseph would probably have thrown off his tea towel and got out of there quicker than you can say frankincense and myrrh.

Spare a thought for the person filming this, who is reportedly the sleeping (seriously, sleeping!) Jesus’ mother. Not only does she manage to hold the camera pretty steady but holds back most of her laughter too throughout this onslaught of, er, passionate singing.

If we’re honest, after reports of dads biting off each other’s fingers at school nativities we think this is a pretty smashing alternative. We’re not sure if the little angel will forgive her big sister for posting it on YouTube when she’s a bit older, though! 


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