Well, there’s a headline we never thought we’d write ?


Yep, it seems that some of pregnant Beyonce’s biggest fans believe that the earrings worn in her latest photoshoot (above) reveal that she’s having twin boys.

The large silver earrings, which feature an intricate pattern inside the hoop, don’t appear to give anything anyway on the surface…

Until you know that Beyonce wore them in the music video for 2008 hit If I Were A Boy.

Fans took this repetition as a subliminal message from their idol...

"She's having boys," wrote one.

"Beyoncé is Having BOYS.... BEYONCÉ is having BOYS. She wearing them earrings from the video "If I Were A Boy" #WAKEUP,” one fan enthused.

(Maybe she just really likes the earrings?)

Meanwhile another also interpreted Beyonce’s love of green maternity dresses as a hint to her due date.

"Earrings from If I Were A Boy video, Still rocking emerald. Beyoncé is having twin boys and is due in May."

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Beyhive also speculated that Beyonce’s emerald-coloured wardrobe was actually a clue about her baby’s names - fans guessed that Emerald, Jade and Olive were all on the cards.

Queen B’s not the only celeb mama-to-be to get the conspiracy theory treatment - expectant parents Cheryl and Liam Payne have also had the world analysing what their baby will be called based on past interviews.

We can’t wait to see if any of these theories turn out to be true... but we do reckon Beyonce won’t be shy to share the news in her own time ?

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