Billi Mucklow and West Ham footballer Andy Carroll recently welcomed a baby boy ???


And the happy couple, who also share toddler son Arlo, took to Instagram to tell their fans the name they’d chosen.

Alongside a gorgeous black and white pic of mum and dad cradling the newborn, and a pic of his My 1st Years comforter, Billi revealed:

“Wolf Nine Carroll ? You Have Stole Our Hearts. 15-11-17 #BabyBoy #Wolfie #MyLittleChubbyCub”

There you have it: Wolf Nine. An interesting and suitably celeb-y name, perhaps even a little reminiscent of Cheryl’s animal-inspired baby moniker, Bear.

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So, why are some people having a go at it?


Well, a few fans on Instagram questioned their middle name decision, accusing the footie-loving couple of copying another, much more famous footie-loving couple – Victoria and David Beckham.

All because Victoria and David's 6-year-old daughter, Harper Seven, also has a number for a middle name.

“Wolf Nine… wonder if that's anything to do with Harper Seven,” one disgruntled fan mused.

“She’s Seven because of David Beckham's football top, and her boyfriend is a footballer too.”

Indeed, Andy’s West Ham jersey does have the number 9 printed on it.

Perhaps they were inspired by the reason behind Harper Beckham’s middle name, but so what if they were? You can’t trademark the meaning behind a baby’s name ?

Congrats to the new parents ?

Images: Instagram/Billi Mucklow

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