Billie Faiers’ 20-week bump called ‘tiny’ and ‘unreal’ on Instagram

Fans couldn't believe the size of Billie's bump - but come on, we know that no two bumps are the same, as these celeb bumps show


Baby no 2 is well on the way for former TOWIE star Billie Faiers.


She’s just hit the 20-week stage, and decided to mark the occasion with an underwear-clad Instagram bump snap.

Billie’s bump has clearly only just started to show and she expressed surprise at the sudden appearance of a pregnancy tum, writing alongside the pic: “Wow baby bump where have u come from ??? … #halfwaythere #20weeks #excited #happysunday #babybump ?”

However, it seems that many of her 1.2m Instagram fans felt that her bump was rather small – one fan even called it ‘unreal’ – and other expectant mums were quick to compare their own bumps.

“We’re both due on the same dayyy and my bump is bloody huge compared this little bump!!” wrote one mum-to-be.

Another added: “I look nearly full term compared to this and I’m only 21 weeks ??”

“What bump ?  You’re tiny” said another.

However, another commented, “Beautiful little bump, we are due the same time with my second too. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well xx”

While we totally understand the natural instinct to compare your size with another pregnant woman… it’s SO important to remember that everyone’s different, and that there is no ‘right size’ bump. 

Whether yours is massive or tiny, all that really matters is whoever’s living inside it is healthy, right?

Interestingly, Billie shared a 20-week bump snap when she was pregnant with now 2-year-old daughter Nelly… and it’s clear this bump isn’t the exact same size as her current one! 

Though it does seem that Billie experienced the same ‘overnight’ effect around the same time in both pregnancies.

Sam Faiers’ older sis isn’t the only pregnant celeb showcasing her tum at the mo – fellow TOWIE alum Amy Childs announced she’s just hit the 12-week mark with a bump reveal cover for OK! Mag… 


And former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has been rocking her new pregnancy figure on Instagram…


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Images: Instagram/Billie Faiers, Amy Childs, Geri Horner

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