Bird song could help calm children with needle phobias

Researchers are testing the effect of the dawn chorus on children in hospitals


Hearing bird song is believed to relieve the anxiety of adults scared of needles, and now researchers are studying the effect it has on children with needle phobias, too.


The project at Alder Hay Hospital in Liverpool involves playing the sound of the dawn chorus to patients and visitors. It was initially found that children who heard the bird song were less anxious about their treatment when the music was playing, and now researchers are testing this idea further.

It’s believed the claming sounds of bird song affects the parts of the brain involved with emotion, and distracts patients from their medical treatment and injections.

The researchers also reckon the calming effect of the music means children will need less pain relief, which could help them recover quicker after medical treatment.


We’ll keep you posted on the results…


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