Birth rate highest for 35 years

For the seventh year in a row, the number of babies being born in England and Wales has risen


Women are having more children now than at any other time since 1973, new figures released today have shown.


Data from the Office of National Statistics revealed that there were 708,708 live births last year, compared with 690,013 in 2007.

Although fertility rates rose across the board, there was particular growth in the number of women over 40 having babies. 

Concerns have been raised that the baby boom looks set to put even more pressure on midwives.

Louise Silverton, Deputy General Secretary of the Royal College of Midwives told the Telegraph: “There is no doubt that the current baby-boom is continuing and that birth numbers are rising at an even quicker pace.

“This is piling more pressure on overworked midwives, and pushing maternity services – already operating at full capacity – beyond their limit. The effects of this on the quality of service for women and babies are obvious.”


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