It’s official: Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and their two little ones are the most photogenic family in history.


This was 100% confirmed (well, we’re confirming it) by the family of 4’s first public appearance - the ‘red carpet debut’ of their 2 daughters.

Ryan and Blake brought their kids - 2-year-old James and their newborn - to watch dad receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But little James was quick to steal the spotlight from her famous parents, grabbing the mic and having a good run around on Hollywood Boulevard.

Look at those gorgeous curls, too ?

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29-year-old Blake did manage to get her toddler to stand still just for a mo, though, capturing a pic of all their feet on Ryan's star... so sweet!

ryan star

Meanwhile, 40-year-old Ryan paid tribute to his picture-perfect fam in a speech, telling Blake:

"You make absolutely everything in my life better. You've given me two of the most incredible children that I could ever hoped to have.

"You've made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had 'fun uncle' potential.

"You are the best thing - the best thing - that has ever happened to me, second only to this star. It's the Hollywood Walk of Fame, cut me some slack here."


Ryan also told Extra why he and Blake - who are usually very private about their children, and have yet to release their 2nd daughter’s name to the public - decided to make an exception.

“This is one of the rare occasions when we thought we've got to bring the whole clan. I’d regret it in 20 years if I didn’t.”

Awwwww ?

Images: Instagram/Blake Lively

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