Ryan Reynolds trying to build a cot is just brilliant: video

The new dad has more than a little trouble trying to build this flat-pack


He’s just become a dad for the first time, so you’d think Ryan Reynolds might have got to grips with some of life’s little mysteries. Like how to put together a flat-pack cot from Ikea for instance.


But the 38-year-old is completely clueless – as you can see in this rather funny video. First he reads the instructions and tries to fathom the thing, then he promptly gets on the phone to Ikea – before cracking open a beer and resorting to gaffa taping the whole thing together.

Ryan became dad to his daughter James with wife Blake Lively 8 months ago – but don’t expect him to give new dads any advice. “The one piece of advice I would say is: Don’t listen to any advice. Because there’s nothing you can do to prepare for it,” he told GQ.

Earlier this year, the new dad came under criticism for carrying James wrong in her baby carrier. And the dad wasn’t at all prepared for the response. “Yeah, ‘Can I just make some mistakes and all of you just fuck off?’ Yeah. You want to be able to say that. But you can’t say that. There is almost no community on Earth as intense as the parent-child online community,” he said.

We completely agree. Lets just stop judging each other and get on with the job in hand!

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