From the moment your baby is born and you become a mum, it can feel like every choice you make as a parent is up for discussion. And now one mum’s Facebook video about the judgement mums can face has gone viral after resonating with millions of parents around the world.


Sat in the bathtub, seemingly naked and covered in suds, Facebook blogger Nostril_Curl might seem an unlikely spokesperson for mums' rights. But using sign language, the deaf mother gives contrasting examples covering age, work, discipline, adoption and abortion that show no matter what a mum does, she’ll be judged.

“Girl gets pregnant before 25, she is too young to be a mum,” the 1 minute video starts.

“Girl gets pregnant after 30, she is too old.”

"Girl gets welfare, living on benefits taking our money.

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"Girl gets job. How can she stand to be away from her baby all day like that?

"Girl becomes a stay-at-home mum. She probably doesn't do anything all day but watch TV.

"Girl wants to leave nasty partner, nobody knows what it means to work things out anymore.

"Girl wants to stay with no good partner, she's dumb.

"Girl lets her kids play without her, she is an unfit mother, where is she?

"Girl is overprotective of her kids, poor kids, no childhood."

She doesn't shy away from the controversial - stepping into more difficult territory:

"Girl smacks her kids, call the police and CPS.

"Girl refuses to smack, her kids are gonna be spoiled brats."

The video ends with this message: “No matter what you do, people will talk sh*t, so do what’s best for you.”

The video entitled “The Ugly Judgement of Society” has now racked up over 10.8m views since it was uploaded on 4 July.

It's also been shared on Facebook over 200,000 times and the 2,000 comments show it's really struck a chord with other mums.

"That is so true and it is sad that people will always pass judgement on somebody either good or bad… they need to take a look at them selves for once in their life," one commented.

And there were a lot of other Facebook users that were in agreement. One other said: "You may not speak but you have powerful words"

And another wrote: "Thank you sooo soo much you nailed it just NAILED it and it does not matter how you parent or live life... it's gonna be wrong in societies eyes. KEEP ON... you are very inspiring."

Her Facebook page was also flooded with comments as to why she took the unusual route of filming the video in the bath, to which she replied to one particular observer: "See you're judging me by me taking a bubble bath. This video is about judging and now see who is judging me, you! As if you're saying I'm taking a bubble bath and show the world because I want attention! But really I was taking a break from my kids and enjoy my bubble bath from a long day!!!! And at least I'm COVERED!"

How often do you feel you get judged for the choices you make as a parent? Let us know in the comments below.

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