Breastfeeding Blake Lively: Rubbing truffles on my nipples was a joke!

The new mum hit Instagram to tell the world she was only joking when she confessed her outlandish way to introduce new tastes to her breastfeeding daughter James


Blake Lively loves food so much she can’t bear to think of her daughter becoming a fussy eater. This week she revealed to US journalists that she’d come up with a novel way to introduce her 4-month-old to new tastes – rubbing truffles on her nipples when she breastfeeds!


“I rub truffles on my nipples every day,” the new mum and actress said while promoting her film The Age of Adaline, according to People. “You got to give her a very well balanced palate from a young age so she doesn’t eat only beige food!”

But Blake, 27, who’s married to actor Ryan Reynolds, 38, now insists it was a joke and has taken to Instagram to poke fun at the whole thing.


Posting a pic showing her with a tea towel slung over her shoulder and celery shoved up her nose, the Gossip Girl actress commented: “…I can’t understand why people don’t take me seriously as a chef.” She then went on to compose the ‘longest hashtag ever’. “#WhoPutsTrufflesOnTheirNipplesDearGodCantReportersTakeAJoke,” she wrote.

She went on to insist there’s little chance James will be fussy when it comes to food. “You can’t be around me and not be exposed to all different cuisines,” she said.

Blake hasn’t started weaning yet, but plans to make all her baby’s food. “It sounds awesome now,” she said. “But in a few months of making it, I’ll probably be like, ‘Dear God, where’s Whole Foods? Or CVS? Or anything?'”

Photos: Getty and Instagram / Blake Lively

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