It’s no secret that actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively like to keep their private lives private.


So it was no surprise, when they had a second child, that they would keep their newborn’s name and sex a big secret, too. Until now… maybe.

Just a few days ago, Ryan jokingly tweeted about an, erm, unusual cot decoration and may have casually revealed that the couple have had a second daughter.

“The mobile above my daughter's crib is just a whole bunch of NuvaRings. So she remembers how lucky she is,” he joked.


NuvaRing is a brand of contraceptive vaginal rings in case you weren't aware.

So the chance remark suggests that the couple have welcomed a sister for their nearly 2-year-old daughter James.

Could it be that he's talking about James? We think unlikely given that she's too old to be sleeping in a 'crib' and unlikely to have a mobile hanging just above where she sleeps given that she's an active toddler.

Blake and Ryan, who married in 2012, didn’t announce their first-born’s name for a long while after her birth, so we reckon they won't be confirming their new baby’s name any time soon.

However, we don’t reckon this particular reveal is simply a ‘dad slip’, as some have called it. Ryan’s Twitter is full of brilliantly sarcastic tweets and they all seem carefully thought out – so could this be his low-key way of sharing the news with the world (and his 3.92 million followers).

Either that, or he’s just throwing us all off the scent ?

Images: Instagram/Ryan Reynolds

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