Antony Costa became a dad for the first time in June and just 5 months later his daughter Savannah has become one of the most smiley babies we’ve ever seen. Well, it looks like she’s inherited her Blue singer dad’s cheeky grin! More of a case of All Smiles, rather than All Rise.


Antony, 33, and fiancée Rosanna, 28, took their baby daughter to the TV studios when Antony appeared on SoccerAM last week. "Thankyou @SoccerAM so much for today!! @RosannaJasmin and Savannah loved it too," he tweeted.

And that’s not the only glamorous outing dad and daughter have been on recently. Little Savannah has also been to see her dad perform with Blue on the Big Reunion tour at the O2 Arena. She seemed to be enjoying her VIP perks, but might have had to listen to the band's hit All Rise one too many times at home as she nodded off during the performance!

Rosanna has also shared selfies of herself 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after giving birth to Savannah – so nice to see a real picture of a post-baby bump...

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Savannah enjoying the VIP lifestyle

Savannah went with her mum Rosanna to watch her dad perform at the Big Reunion concert at the O2 Arena...

Not more Blue songs

... but she couldn't keep her eyes open once dad started performing!

"...and little did she know that Daddy was performing in front of 20,000 people," her mum commented. Love those pink ear protectors she's sporting.

Starting to crawl

Back home, and she's off... Savannah is beaming again as she makes a move on the carpet.

Rosanna's pre and post baby body

Antony's fiancée Rosanna took a brave selfie of herself a couple of weeks before giving birth and a fortnight after Savannah was born.

"From the very end to the very beginning... There I was 2 weeks before I gave birth and there we were 2 weeks after," she commented.

Love this!

Photos: Twitter / Antony Costa and Instagram / Rosanna Jasmin

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