Boring tasks raise pregnant mums stress levels

Research suggests household tasks raise pregnancy stress hormones – a good excuse to give up ironing?


A new study is giving pregnant mums the perfect excuse to ditch the ironing and put down the hoover. It reckons boring and repetitive tasks, for example household chores, can raise the levels of stress hormones that can trigger premature labour.


The study by Erasmus University in Rotterdam asked 1200 new mums how much exercise they did during pregnancy, including the amount of housework.

The results suggest mentally unstimulating work, for example household chores, increase the chances of giving birth at least three weeks early by up to 25%.

While the study agrees exercise during pregnancy is good for mums and their unborn babies, it’s the repetitive nature of housework that can raise stress hormones during pregnancy.


 Call us skeptics but we think you’d have to do an awful lots of hoovering to cause stress. Still, best be on the safe side and get dad-to-be on it eh?


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