Boy, 12, is midwife for his own mum

Canadian Gaelan Edwards, 12, helped his mum deliver her baby at home after watching how to do it on TV


Gaelan Edwards was happily watching TV in his bedroom on Sunday when he heard his pregnant mum, Danielle, shout for him around 2am. Danielle was in labour two days before her due date and, more specifically, the baby’s head was already showing.


Gaelan knew he had to act quickly, so what did he do? Help his mum deliver his baby brother of course!

Covered in blood, Gaelan rested his baby brother’s head on his forearms as his mum pushed. He then grabbed some scissors to cut the umbilical cord when the baby was finally out.

Gaelan then wrapped his baby brother in a blanket and handed him to his proud mum, reports the Daily Mail. Danielle named her new son Caynan, and he weighed a healthy 7lb 9oz.

So where did Gaelen learn what he had to do? Apparently Gaelan is a fan of hospital TV dramas!

New mum Danielle, 30, now has five children and was apparently shocked at how well her 12-year-old son did at delivering her baby. “I asked him afterwards, ‘Where do you get these instincts?’ and he said, ‘Mom, I thought my baby brother was going to die’,” said Danielle.

Big brother Gaelan now hopes to become a doctor one day and with quick thinking like this, we’re sure he’ll do great!

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