Boy, 6, and girl, 5 get married!

Primary school organised the ‘marriage’ of school friends Gethyn Fox and Callie Geary to help boost their vocabulary


For some, it can take years to find the love of their life to walk down the aisle with. But for 6-year-old Gethyn Fox and 5-year-old Callie Geary their wish for a white wedding was not such a distant dream after their primary school organised their big day – they even had a stag and hen party!


The Warndon Primary School in Worcester staged the ‘wedding’ of the school children in a bid to help them write about their experiences and increase their vocabulary. Teaching staff went all out with the ceremony, which was carried out in the local parish church along with a vicar, registrar and the happy couple’s parents, too.

A Mercedes car was donated to take Callie and Gethyn to the church, they had a cake made for free and they even hosted stag and hen parties at a bowling alley. “The idea was that children will be able to write about their experiences, so having the wedding was perfect,” says deputy head Sarah Allen. “I had a 5-year-old asking me about a fishtail dress design for the wedding dress. How about that for vocabulary?”

The vicar who ‘married’ the couple also thought that the unusual role-play exercise was a great learning tool. “I wanted to show the children how wonderful a Christian wedding could be and to show the benefits of stable and committed relationships,” says Reverend Pollard.

No news on the honeymoon plans, although it’s believed that the Year One class voted for a beach holiday as it would be hot!


What do you think of the staged wedding for tots?


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