Boy, 8, delivers his own baby brother

Schoolboy acted as midwife after his mum went into labour at home


An 8-year-old boy is the hero of the hour after delivering his baby brother at home, reports the Daily Mail.


Demarry Tennyson acted as a quick-thinking midwife when his mum Kimberly went into labour in the middle of the night, at their home in Oklahoma City.

Kimberly was on the phone to her grandmother when her contractions started, and with Demarry by her side,  quickly delivered a bouncing baby boy.

“It was two o clock in the morning, I had no idea he was coming,” said mum Kimberly. “I just went into labour and he came within 15 minutes.”

Talking about Demarry’s role in the birth, proud mum Kimberly said he was the perfect birth partner.

“He did everything, he didn’t panic,” explained Kimberly. “In a time of need, that type of situation, having a baby at home with your kids, especially an 8-year-old, it tells a lot.”


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