Boy or girl? Why it’s all about gender-neutral baby names right now

It seems that gender specific names are on their way out


So you’re having a baby, you don’t know the sex and you have 2 lists of baby names on the go – one with girls names and one with boys. Don’t waste your time! The latest celeb baby name trend is doing away with all that gender-specific naming and going for a one-name fits all approach.


When Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds rubbished rumours that their baby girl was called Violet in February, we didn’t expect them to have actually gone completely the other way. The name they’d chosen was actually James – a name traditionally given to boys, well in the UK anyway.

A baby boy or girl?

The couple aren’t alone in their choice of a traditionally male name for a little girl. When Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcomed their daughter last year, they decided to call her Wyatt. Yep…It was already quite a celebrity fave – Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell named their son Wyatt in 1986 and Sheryl Crow also bagged it for her baby boy in 2007 – but it’s not commonly used for a girl.

The latest to celeb to opt for a gender-neutral name is Milla Jovovich who’s named her daughter Dashiel (Dalshiell is a Scottish boy’s name).But we think the trend has actually been growing for a while. Beyonce named her daughter Blue and Kim Kardashian named her little girl North – and who’s to say if those unusual name are specifically for girls or boys?

So what do you think of the trend for gender-neutral names? Let us know in the comments below.

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