Boy sells his drawings to fund cancer treatment

Five year old raises £30,000 from monster pictures for life-saving medical care


Aidan Reed from Kansas City has used his beside drawings to fund his expensive cancer treatment. Aidan, 5, was diagnosed last September with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, leaving his parents facing huge hospital bills.


When they put the family home up for sale to raise money, his aunt, Mandi Ostein, instead suggested selling Aidan’s artwork of Wolfman, Gill-man, Nosferatu the vampire and other scary monsters.

“My lucky number is 60 and that is all I had to sell. And now here we are at 2,460. I’ve two printers constantly going,” said Mandi.

The incredible response to Aidan’s pictures meant sales topped £30,000 and Kate and Wiley were able to take their home off the market.


Despite undergoing several weeks of painful treatment including chemotherapy, infections and spinal taps, Aidan continued to draw. His father, Wiley, 31, believes that Aidan’s drawing actually helped him through his gruelling treatment. “ I’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction to Aidan’s drawings, I think for him as well it has been a great distraction from his illness.”

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