Britain’s youngest beauty queen – at 9 months old

Ella Oliver was entered into the Miss Natural Sparkle UK contest before she was even born


Meet the nine-month-old who’s just been crowned Britain’s youngest ever beauty queen.


Ella Oliver was was entered into the Miss Natural Sparkle UK contest before she was born. Her mother Jenny, 27, knew she wanted her second daughter to follow in the footsteps of her beauty-queen first daughter Jess, seven. So, when she was seven months’ pregnant, she registered her unborn baby for the beauty pageant.

Jess gets done up in make up, fake tan and press-on nails for her appearances, but Jenny insists Ella was natural for her debut into the pageant world.

“I didn’t put any make-up on Ella,” she says, “because she is too young for that, so she was natural.

“She wore a really pretty pink dress and headband, and she even smiled for the judges.

“She didn’t have to do a talent or show confidence because she can’t walk or talk so I think it was judged on cuteness.

“I don’t know if Ella wants to do pageants but I don’t think it will damage her. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, so it won’t affect her at that age. If she tells me when she is older she doesn’t want to do, that’s fine and that’s her choice.”

Leanne Woodall, organise of Miss Natural Sparkle, said having newborns in beauty pageants made them a family event. “The whole family likes to be involved,” she says, “so we decided to introduce just one round for newborns this year.

“Parents dressed their babies up in little dresses or suits. It was judged on cute factor and Ella won. We thought she looked adorable in a little pink dress and headband.

“She was presented with a sash and crown. It’s something nice for her family to keep and show her when she is older.”

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