British mums struggle to fit Christmas into their busy schedule

New survey reveals women use annual leave to deal with festive season pressure


Busy mums are struggling to find the time to shop this Christmas, according to new research.


A survey by brands-for-less retailer TK Maxx reveals work pressures are responsible for 47% of British females having no free time to complete Christmas chores. 

25-34 year olds are the busiest, with more than one in 10 taking two days annual leave to buy gifts, and one in 20 taking a week off to cope with the pressures of the festive season. 

What little time the nation does have left to shop is spent being exhausted on the streets, frantically shopping for gifts for loved ones. Stats showed that kids are high on the Christmas gift priority list, while poor grandad was at the bottom. 

Average time spent researching and buying gifts for: 

Children: 1hr 35mins

Partner: 1hr 33mins

Mum: 1hr 5mins

Dad: 58mins

Sister: 56mins

Best friend: 50mins

Brother: 47mins

Grandma: 43mins

Grandad: 40mins

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