British Red Cross reveals oddest childhood accidents

Include a pea jammed up the nostril and a hand stuck in a Pringles tube


The British Red Cross has revealed the scale of bizarre accidents that happen to children.


The new British Red Cross poll shows 1 in 10 children have got something stuck in their nose, while 1 in 5 have either lodged something in their ear or had a body part trapped somewhere.

Things found stuck up the nose included an e-cigarette, a piece of ham, peas and a plastic dog’s bone. 

Body parts have been trapped in bannisters, railings, a toy Barbie car and even a Pringles tube.

To coincide with the research, the British Red Cross has launched an update of its free app with potentially lifesaving first aid advice for baby and children.

The Baby and Child First Aid by British Red Cross app has useful videos, animations and tips with simple and easy advice.

The app also has a hospital finder and a device to record your child’s medication needs and any allergies.

You can download the newly updated app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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