Mum shamed for breastfeeding 2-and-a-half-year old on the bus hits back

A stranger suggested she use a dummy instead...


Here in the UK, a mum’s right to breastfeed a child of any age in public is protected by law: though, that obviously doesn’t stop strangers wading in with their opinions, as this recent story, from Devon, reveals.


While on the number 12 bus between Newton Abbott and Brixham, a mum breastfeeding her child, aged 2 and a half, was told by a stranger to use a dummy instead, according to Devon Live.

After the incident, the mum posted a response to the stranger on a local Facebook page, saying:

“It’s a shame you got off the bus before we could discuss this. Breastfeeding a 2.5 year old is perfectly normal and recommended by the World Health Organisation.

“Please don’t be brainwashed by formula companies who try to convince you otherwise, to line their pockets.

“Look away if you really can’t face a child being fed in a natural way. I have no issue with you using formula to feed your child. I have no issue with you putting a dummy in your child’s mouth.

“Please don’t take issue with my choice to breastfeed my child. I thought the Western world was actually waking up to the fact that our breasts are here to feed our young.”

The response

Her post, it has to be said, got a mixed reaction from others.

One supportive person posted: “Can’t believe in this day and age that there’s still people like this woman.

“Good on you for standing firm and not letting it stop you, as I know that a lot of young or first time mums wouldn’t have had the courage or confidence to ignore the narrow-minded comments of the ignorant.”

But another, struck by the age of the child, took a different view, commenting: “If it’s in a public place and you do it in a modest fashion I can’t see a problem. However at 2 and a half, surely a drink in a cup would be more appropriate?”

What do you think?

Have you ever had comments about breastfeeding in public? Do you agree with this mum’s response? Or did the stranger have a point? 

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